You Are Invited!

A sneak peek at our invitations! Designed in one day, printed at Kinko’s for under $100…and I’m happy with the result.

These were seriously rushed, because we really wanted to get them out ASAP, so that our friends and family would have enough time to wrap their heads around attending our Italian wedding. Oh yeah…by the way, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED IN ITALY! And I still can’t believe it!

It’s a very straight-forward DIY, but just in case, here are the steps:

1. Find a high-res image of the map you like

2. Add wording to your map (You’re Invited, Save The Date, etc)

3. Save a Word file with more wording (for the back of your invite)

4. Bring both files to Kinkos (they’ll do all the arranging)

5. Pick up your invites from the store, and affix red hearts to the map

6. Put in envelope, and mail!