Wedding Venues: Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener


As soon as le boyfriend and I came to our senses after his lovely proposal, our venue search was on! I knew that I didn’t want to be engaged for years and years. Some do it, but it wasn’t for me. So the venue had to be booked ASAP. Unfortunately for me…that meant having to agree to a Sunday wedding, as most Toronto venues were booked solid for Saturdays (some, two years in advance!!!).

Adding to my woes was the fact that I did not…DID NOT…want to get married at a banquet hall. Nothing wrong with a banquet hall wedding…but in my mind, I had something different envisioned. Something more intimate, with flickering lights, and hopefully with some outdoor space too. I found all that and more at Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener!

After the lovely Nadine gave le bf and I a tour of the place – we were both smitten. Built in a style of a Spanish mansion, Hacienda was everything we wanted – from the gorgeous arches, to the Gaudi-esque artwork, to the private coffee roasting room, to the wonderfully landscaped grounds…it had it all!

And IF le bf and I had decided to get married in Canada…Hacienda is the only place that we would consider. And though at this point, I won’t be revealing our secret wedding location…to those brides, still searching for that perfectly special reception venue – make sure to check out Hacienda Sarria. It’s certainly worth a look! 

Photo Credits: Taylor Jackson Photo

7 thoughts on “Wedding Venues: Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener

  1. Oh… My… God… I got goosebumps just from looking at these pictures. It’s totally worth the drive to Kitchener. DO IT! 😀

    But… are you planning to do a destination wedding? SO ROMANTIC 😀

  2. So glad you considered my suggestion, GORGEOUS! I almost cancelled my venue but the drive was a bit far. Would love to do my engagement pics (or in my case Newlywed pics) there but the fee is a bit out of my price range:(

  3. OOOOHHH! Lovely spot. If I didn’t have old ladies from Toronto that are on my guest list, who don’t drive more than 20 km from home, I’d do my wedding reception there next April.

    Very curious about the venue you choose!

    • Margaret,

      We had the same dilemma…but hiring a bus to wheel all of your guests from TO to Kitchener wouldn’t cost that much. We checked :) Have you booked your reception yet?