Cherry on Top

If you read my other blog (, you already know that I love all things red, heart-y, kitsch-y, and cute. So it should come as no surprise, that when I was looking for cake toppers, I chose a replica of the famed Robert Indiana sculpture – LOVE. To me, it is the perfect cherry on top of our wedding cake…even if I originally toyed with the idea of having Domo and Matryoshka doll toppers instead.

I ordered mine on eBay for a mere $19.99, and it arrived last night. I seriously couldn’t be happier with the way it looks! Can’t wait to see it on top of an actual cake.

What do you think about this wedding detail? Do you LOVE it? Are you having a topper for your cake? Share in the comments.

Buy it here: ($19.99) ($90)


Bridesmaid Dress-ing

From the very beginning, I knew that I’d be paying for my bridesmaids’ dresses. This is one of those things that has always bugged me about weddings – if I choose the dress for them to wear, why should they have to shell out for it? Having said that, I knew that I didn’t want to spend a fortune on my friends’ dresses, as I (too) have a strict budget to adhere to.

Luckily for me, I found EXACTLY what I wanted at French Connection. The Shelby dress ($198, purchased at 40% off) had the perfect color (royal blue), the perfect length (maxi), and the perfect pleats (who doesn’t like pleats?). After two of my bridesmaids got to try on the dress, and give me their seal of approval…the decision was made. Sadly, my maid of honor still hasn’t tried on the dress, as she lives far away from yours truly (and from French Connection)…but from what she’s seen so far, she likes it too! Hooray!

Now, because the dress is so long, the girls will be able to wear their own shoes…which gives me one less thing to worry about.

I can’t express how good it feels to have yet another important wedding detail in the bag!

You Are Invited!

A sneak peek at our invitations! Designed in one day, printed at Kinko’s for under $100…and I’m happy with the result.

These were seriously rushed, because we really wanted to get them out ASAP, so that our friends and family would have enough time to wrap their heads around attending our Italian wedding. Oh yeah…by the way, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED IN ITALY! And I still can’t believe it!

It’s a very straight-forward DIY, but just in case, here are the steps:

1. Find a high-res image of the map you like

2. Add wording to your map (You’re Invited, Save The Date, etc)

3. Save a Word file with more wording (for the back of your invite)

4. Bring both files to Kinkos (they’ll do all the arranging)

5. Pick up your invites from the store, and affix red hearts to the map

6. Put in envelope, and mail!


Wedding Venues: Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener


As soon as le boyfriend and I came to our senses after his lovely proposal, our venue search was on! I knew that I didn’t want to be engaged for years and years. Some do it, but it wasn’t for me. So the venue had to be booked ASAP. Unfortunately for me…that meant having to agree to a Sunday wedding, as most Toronto venues were booked solid for Saturdays (some, two years in advance!!!).

Adding to my woes was the fact that I did not…DID NOT…want to get married at a banquet hall. Nothing wrong with a banquet hall wedding…but in my mind, I had something different envisioned. Something more intimate, with flickering lights, and hopefully with some outdoor space too. I found all that and more at Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener!

After the lovely Nadine gave le bf and I a tour of the place – we were both smitten. Built in a style of a Spanish mansion, Hacienda was everything we wanted – from the gorgeous arches, to the Gaudi-esque artwork, to the private coffee roasting room, to the wonderfully landscaped grounds…it had it all!

And IF le bf and I had decided to get married in Canada…Hacienda is the only place that we would consider. And though at this point, I won’t be revealing our secret wedding location…to those brides, still searching for that perfectly special reception venue – make sure to check out Hacienda Sarria. It’s certainly worth a look! 

Photo Credits: Taylor Jackson Photo

Don’t Toss the Bouquet!

As a newly-engaged gal, I haven’t given much thought to my bridal bouquet yet…but when I saw these faux-flower stunners, I just couldn’t get them out of my head! Though at $600 a pop – I would certainly NOT be tossing this one (I’d be keeping it safely hidden in my basement – my precious!). Plus, wouldn’t the brooch adornments threaten to poke an unfortunate single lady’s eye out? Hmm…

On one hand, we have a gorgeous forever bouquet, but on the other, a possible pirate bridesmaid. Decisions, decisions…

Photo Credits: Wedding Bells

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

THE dress is in the bag (so to speak), so I can definitely breathe easy…but there’s still a few not-so-tiny details that need to be taken care of…like shoes! I am not one for boring white pumps – in my opinion, the more glitter, the better!

My perfect wedding pair of shoes will have a pop of color, some fun detailing, and some quirk…just like these Loubies, Miu Miu booties, Zara sandals, and of course, my fave wedding shoes ever – Melissa x Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Heart! Swooooon!

Which ones do you like?

Photo Credits: Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu, Zara, WeHeartIt